James Bryan Smith's biography of Rich Mullins has been re-issued! Broadman & Holman released a paperback edition of An Arrow Pointing to Heaven on August 1, 2002 for a list price of $12.99.

The most exciting part of this new release is that it features two never before published spiritual writings of Rich Mullins. One is an essay on the Beatitudes, Rich's personal commentary on Matthew 5. As Jim Smith writes in an introduction, "The essay, 'Social Aspects of the Beatitudes,' is the closest one can come to hearing Rich teach in an extended way on a single topic. As is typical of Rich, his thoughts on this well known text from Matthew 5 is filled with unique ideas, many of which go against the grain of our common understanding."

The second piece is a poetic reflection on knowing Jesus and overcoming our fears. Jim writes "The short piece, 'Scared of the Dark,' was written only two days before he died...It is interesting that the last thing he wrote was about Jesus, who was the center of his life, and also about overcoming fear and saying goodbye, which had already begun in his heart and would be completed two days later."

Both these pieces are exciting, priceless editions to Jim's already wonderful book. These are a treasure to those who loved Rich and were moved by his life and ministry. Also, part of the new edition are endorsements offered by Richard Foster, Brennan Manning, David Mullins, Derek Webb, Steve Stockman, John Fischer, Jimmy Abegg, and others.

The new edition of An Arrow Pointing to Heaven can be ordered from these sources:

Lifeway Stores - $12.99

Amazon.com - $10.39

Christian Book Distributors - $9.99

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