[Ragamuffin] Three days before autumn...

Keith, Amy keithac at grace.edu
Mon Sep 20 16:33:39 CDT 2004

Although we didn¹t have any specific mention on the list yesterday, I know
it¹s significance did not pass us by.  Happy seventh year in heaven, Richard
Wayne.  We miss you!  ;)

 Three days before autumn
 A cold winter came
 Blew in a telephone call when my friend went away
 And I swear I heard thunder at the sound of his name
 He never knew me at all, but I loved him the same

 And it¹s easy enough
 To say he¹s better off
 Chalk it up
 To the luck of the draw
 Life is tough
 It was his time to go and that¹s all
 I don¹t know about that, Œcause

 I¹m broken and breathless and bent to the ground
 And I¹m listening; Lord, but I don¹t hear a sound
 Though the angels in heaven are dancing around
 To the music that I want to hear
 And I¹m watching and wishing and wondering why
 But this silence is louder the harder I try
 And I can¹t believe it, but I can¹t deny
 That the winter came early this year

 I stood in the kitchen
 And I stared at the wall
 And I prayed for some wisdom
 So I could make a little sense of it all

 And I thought about the seasons
 How quickly they pass
 How there¹s little to do but hope
 That the good ones will last

 And this night is beautiful
 I see the sky above the rain
 And I think I hear the wild wind howling
 Come to blow me away

 And I take comfort in know that this ain¹t my home
 And I know when I¹m lonely
 That I ain¹t alone
 And I know that he¹s singing at the foot of the throne
 But that don¹t seem to matter down here
 Because the winter came early this year
 Three days before autumn

-words and music by Andrew Peterson

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