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Canticle Of The Plains

Friends University, Wichita, KS
Thursday 7:00pm, October 9th, 1997

Intro and interview by Danl Blackwood
review by Sandy McMullen

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Long ago Rich and Beaker formulated the idea of a musical based on the life of Saint Francis of Assisi, and it was certainly bittersweet that Rich missed the performance of that musical at his alma mater. Beaker made it, as did a few of the Ragamuffins, Kid Brothers, and friends and former classmates of Rich. All were missing Rich terribly, but the person that many wished was there at opening night was Mitch McVicker. Mitch should have played the lead role of Frank, but he - and we - were just thankful he was still alive after surviving the terrible accident that took the life of our beloved singer/songwriter/minister/storyteller Rich Mullins.

As well as a review of the opening night performance, presented here is an interview with Kevin and Nicole-Capri Brocksieck. The review has been prepared by friend and cyber prayer partner, Sandy McMullen.

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