Date: 05 July 1999
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Subject: [RichMailList 241]: Tulsa, OK 06/04 review

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Review of the (almost) last Homeless Man Tour in Tulsa, 6/04/1999
as posted to the Ragamuffin Mailing List by Mecca Morgan

Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 15:08:16
From: Mecca Morgan
Subject: [ragamuffin] Mecca's first post in *how* long?!

Well, somehow (Troy!) I was elected to do the review for the Ragamuffin
concert in Tulsa, June 4th.....on the condition that there be no song by
song replay.  Judging by everyone else's silence, they really *are*
waiting on me to do it, so here goes.  You've heard it all before, so
I'll just meniton the highlights that made our show unique (at least, to

1)  Mark's plaid shoes.  I wish I could find shoes as cool as Mark's!  I
like plaid, it was a good choice....not that I don't like the leopard
ones.  In fact, if he were wanting to get rid of them, I could be
persuaded to take them off his hands....and with *my* size 11 feet (hey,
I'm 6'0 tall, what can I say?), they'd almost fit!  Anyway, this is the
first time in a year, I've seen him without those leopard print shoes,
and the plaid was a nice change of scenery.

2)  We enjoyed a lovely partial rendition of "Danny Boy", by Rick Elias,
although I can't remember what on earth possessed him to sing that.
Seems like he was trying to get the attention of one of the crew.  I
love Rick's voice, he should have finished it.  A side note, Rick and
the rest of the guys may have been tired (they obviously were), but they
*sounded* better than ever!   I know part of it was that we were
actually in a place made for concerts, rather than a church, but the
vocals in general sounded stronger.  They were all very good!

3)  The roving spotlight.  In the first few songs, I guess the spotlight
guys had a hard time keeping up?  I didn't notice it , but then Rick
told them that they'd *really* have a hard time during the next song
(Did Not Have a Home), so they didn't even bother with them.  Maybe I'm
the only one who thought it was funny, but the guys did the entire song
in the dark.  Well, it wasn't *dark* dark, but it sounded better than
saying they did the entire song in the *dim*.

4)  DAVE MULLINS & THE HAMMERED DULCIMER!  Need I say more?  I was
nearly in tears.

5)  The guy dressed in all black, including boots and cowboy hat, with
all those tatoos, if I understood correctly, was Mark's brother.
Whatever it is, it must run in the family!   ;-)

6)  I'm still impressed that RaNee's parents came and made it through
the entire show...from the 9th row, I might add.  *My* mother would
sooner be hung by her toenails than attend any concert that *I'd* go
to.  (Can I help it if Don Williams and Kris Kristofferson just aren't
up to my speed?)

7)  Got to meet new friends from the list!  This was one of the funnest
parts of the evening.  RaNee' and I met Kaye and her family first.  We
also sat in the FRONT ROW with them.  (btw, thanks again for getting our
tickets, Kaye!)  Kaye is fun, and her family was wonderful.  Next, was
Troy, who we would have met sooner, had I been looking for the right
color of t-shirt.  We talked to him for a little while, and later, met
his wife Molly.  She's hysterical and so friendly, I felt like I'd known
both of them for years.   It amazes me how well we hit it off with
people we only met 5 minutes ago.   We also saw Michelle Walker, who is
not on the list, but who is a friend of Bev's and who we met at Jesus
Fest last year.  Although she thought about it, Beverly didn't come.
She seemed to think her mother's birthday was more important than us
(can you imagine?).  It wasn't until after the show, that we got to meet
Brent.  By that time, we were all so wound up I think we might have
overwhelmed him.  Sorry Brent!  I'd say we're not usually like that, but
I fear that we really are!  ;-)  All in all, it was alot of fun getting
to meet more list members.  My only regret is that we didn't have more
time to talk and get to know each other.  Of course, RaNee' and I
offered, but all the "old married folk" had to go home.  Must have been
past their bedtime!  ;-)  (You'd all realize the irony in that
statement, had you seen me driving to RaNee's that night.  I started
falling asleep, and nearly ran off the road.....twice!)

8)  In addition to meeting and visiting with list members, we also got
to talk to some of the band members.  Well, I don't know who everyone
else talked to, but *I * talked to Rick Elias.  When I met him at Jesus
Fest, I didn't have much to say, but after talking to him in Tulsa, I'm
pleased to announce that I am no longer intimidated by Rick Elias!  Yes,
I have to admit that Rick used to scare me to death, but not anymore.
He was so nice, and friendly.  He took time to just talk to whoever came
up to him.  Didn't try to keep things short, didn't try to get away, and
I really appreciated that.  He's not nearly as scary as I thought!
;-D   He even got the whole band together to take pictures with us.  So,
while we're waiting for everyone to get
assembled, and me with my newfound confidence, I decided to put to rest
this argument RaNee' and I have been having all year.....sorry R, you
didn't think you'd get out of it THAT easily, did you?  Rick is, in
fact, 6'4", just as I said.  He is nowhere near the 6'7-7'0, that *some*
people seem to think he is.  ;-D

Anyway, we had a great time.  We stayed and talked until they literally
pushed us out the door (how rude!).   I hadn't thought about it until
yesterday, but we'll get to see the Rags again in a couple of weeks at
Cornerstone.  As for our pictures, what few I got to take turned out
pretty decent.  Except (of course) the ones of Dave Mullins playing the
dulcimer.  I'd like to scan them in and share them with the list, but
I'm waiting on RaNee' to do that.  My scanner has been packed away since
I moved last month, and seeing there's not much extra space in my tiny
little bedroom, I'm not likely to pull it out and hook it up anytime
soon.  So I'm leaving it up to RaNee'.  You'll have to bug her if you
want to see them.

Well, I guess that's it for me.  I'm going back into lurker mode until
this wretched summer semester is over...or until my professor gets an
attitude adjustment!

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