Date: 11 August 1999
To: RichMailList
Subject: [RichMailList 245]: Songs2/Canticle

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Songs II: Rich's Greatist Hits Volume 2

Hi Rich Friends,

Here's the latest info on the upcoming release of Songs II (Reunion Records) - another greatist hits collection of Rich's music.

From: Better Book Room
Subject: Songs II
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 15:18:37

Here's what I have on the information side:
Songs II
Last year, Rich Mullins' Songs captured the leagcy of Rich's
best-known songs from over a decade of recording and writing
music.  Now, Songs II goes deeper into the writing and theology
of Rich's songs and brings out the treasures that truly show how
great of a writer and performer Rich was.  All of the songs bring
to the surface the incredible depth of Rich's writing and show
his boundless love for Jesus Christ. 
Step by Step
Where You Are
I Will Sing/Hope to Carry On
I See You
The Just Shall Live
Growing Young
Brother's Keeper
Here in America
Bound To Come Some Trouble/The Love of God
Ready for the Storm
Be with You
Street date Oct 28
CD 16.98    (in store introduction sale at 13.99)
Cass 10.98  (in store introduction sale at 9.99)

You are now able to pre-order online at 
the Bettter Book Room

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LegacyFest Update: Canticle Opening Night

Being cast in this play was a small miracle in itself, but now that we've had our first performance, it is no longer small.

During rehearsals this last week, things would go well, but every night there seem to be something that just wasn't quite right, technically or otherwise. Tonight though, it was obvious that the Holy Spirit was covering us, because it was so smooth it was overwhelming.

David and Alyssa came out first to welcome everyone to the LegacyFest kick-off event, and to give everyone a little background into what this whole event was about - the ministry to Native Americans, and the furthering of God's kingdom here on earth.

There will be more comments later, but I just had to write to you and express how completely overcome with God's presence I was tonight - definitely one of those "mountain top experiences" - not including the absolute blast I've had meeting new friends and getting closer to old friends. What a wonderful company this cast is to work with. I can't praise them enough, but add to that God's hand in this work, and it is just difficult to describe in words. I will include here just a couple pictures, but watch in the future for many more.

(Click on images to view a larger picture in a new window)

Alyssa Loukota and David Mullins greet the crowd before the show. Frank finds Mrs. Johnson sweeping an old burned out church.
Frank meets Mrs. Johnson's son Buzz. One of many wonderful dance numbers - all behind a thin black scrim, evoking an almost dream-state look.
Buzz and Clare - just two of of the very talented vocalists in this cast. Rhoda and Ivory - both of whom had less then two weeks to prepare for this run, and were amazing.
"Things Even Angels" (l to r) Ivory, Lefty, and Buzz, are pretty much bewildered by Frank much of the time.
Frank - constantly looking for God's way. The finale, where many on stage and in the audience had tears streaming down their faces.

For cast credits, go to the Tapestry Performing Arts site here

And check out the Wichita Eagle article, "The Life Worth Living" Aug 11, 1999

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